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Made in Italy with SON.hyx® glass technology for strength, clarity and brilliance, these six highball glasses are dishwasher safe and keep their sparkle.

The tall shape gives you plenty of room for ice and garnish when making long-drink cocktails.


Luigi Bormioli Optica Fluted Glass Highballs, Set of 6

    • Measures 3.4”DIA X 5.5”H
    • 560ml Drinking  glasses come in a set of 6
    • The profile of the bowl ensures an aromatic flow as well as a non-turbulent flow of the wine
    • The bowl’s flat base ensures a high aeration of the wine as it increases the headspace, thus reproducing a decanter effect
    • SON.hyx - High-Tech blown lead-free crystal glass, is break resistant and dishwasher safe
    • Multi-purpose: water, juice, cocktails or even spirits
    • Made in Italy
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